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Virtual bookkeeping & accounting services

We can do


Our expertise is in virtual bookkeeping management and consulting, this includes financial analysis and review — everyone can value an extra set of eyes.

Tax Preparation

Individual and small business tax return preparation — Federal & State Income Tax, CAT Tax, Sales & Use Tax, almost every tax return, just give us a call.


Direct Payroll, Quickbooks Online Payroll, and Manual Payroll — including payroll tax return service, worker’s compensation, and human resources. Pricing based on # of employees — tired of doing payroll for just yourself? We can do it.


At its core, every class is designed to help you manage your bookkeeping. Even if you don’t plan on doing your own books its always great to understand the basics.

Startup Services

Starting a new business? We cover a wide range of startup services, such as registration, fees, training, preparation of forms, and business stock evaluation.


BTC understanding the basics. We provide portfolio evaluation, investment advice, bookkeeping services, BTC POS training and implementation, and cryptocurrency training.


We provide consultation in a number of areas such as business valuation, financial evaluation, business operations, and investment analysis. Our assessments help businesses grow, change, and/or adapt.

Company Structure

Tired of your old business structuring. Change business structures can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Let us use our in-depth knowledge and expertise to guide our next business re-structuring.


Accounting services include monitoring the integrity of property, general ledger data, asset management, equity management, assisting departments with transactional processing and operational needs, inventory control, reconciling liability accounts, inter-company management, and performing analytical reviews.

Transfer Conversion

Need to transfer data. Need help researching plugins or apps for transferring your data. We can help, just give us a call.

Online Management Solutions

Outsourcing parts of your business can be overwhelming to some people. Let us take the stress out of online management and help you find the best solutions for your business. We even provide online management solution partners.

Home Office Management

The business of working from home. Yes, there is a such things as home-business operations. We are here is help fine tune your home office operations and management. We also build home offices.